PBS Nerd, That’s Me!

One of my first projects in the broadcasting world was on-camera hosting for WTBU, the Butler University TV station, while I was in college. It was a public broadcasting channel at the time, and from the first moment I started helping out there, trapping shows for master control suuuuper early in the morning, working audio… Continue reading PBS Nerd, That’s Me!


The Apple Really Does NOT Fall Far…

Initially, I was extremely hesitant to allow my daughter to pursue acting or modeling...or anything in the entertainment industry. Having played a mother for Mattel, Disney and more...during booked sessions and at auditions, it was obvious to me when the children I acted opposite were into it...and when they were not. I know well all… Continue reading The Apple Really Does NOT Fall Far…


As co-leader of LoopTown, along with the incomparable Kelly Jean Badgley, I could not be more proud of what we bring to the world of ADR & looping! Films, tv shows, commercials, animations and video games all are enhanced with the help of ADRΒ (automatic dialog replacement)Β and looping (also known as walla). It happens in the… Continue reading LoopTown!

Candidly Mom on Vh1’s Candidly Nicole

Have you seen Candidly Nicole on Vh1 yet?? Β If you haven't, you need to. It's a new, unscripted show based on Nicole Richie's hilarious tweets, and her sarcastic, witty banter and fabulous attitude make it an entertaining show for anyone with a sense of humor. And who are those mean, judgmental moms on Episode 103:… Continue reading Candidly Mom on Vh1’s Candidly Nicole