Buzzfeed & Luvs: Parenting War Stories

My daughter and I had the recent privilege of being a part of Β Buzzfeed/Luvs "Parenting War Stories", and it was such fun for the two of us to be on set together, sharing a memory of when my now 'big girl' was much younger...and stuck a pea up her nose! Do you have to go… Continue reading Buzzfeed & Luvs: Parenting War Stories


Candidly Mom on Vh1’s Candidly Nicole

Have you seen Candidly Nicole on Vh1 yet?? Β If you haven't, you need to. It's a new, unscripted show based on Nicole Richie's hilarious tweets, and her sarcastic, witty banter and fabulous attitude make it an entertaining show for anyone with a sense of humor. And who are those mean, judgmental moms on Episode 103:… Continue reading Candidly Mom on Vh1’s Candidly Nicole