Buzzfeed & Luvs: Parenting War Stories

My daughter and I had the recent privilege of being a part of  Buzzfeed/Luvs “Parenting War Stories”, and it was such fun for the two of us to be on set together, sharing a memory of when my now ‘big girl’ was much younger…and stuck a pea up her nose!

Do you have to go straight to the doc when it happens???  If you plan ahead and teach your kids to blow their noses as soon as possible, a hospital trip can easily be avoided.

You’ll find our parenting story (at minute 1:25) and others by checking out the video below, so…watch, learn and enjoy!

You can also find the video on Buzzfeed!

Candidly Mom on Vh1’s Candidly Nicole

Have you seen Candidly Nicole on Vh1 yet??  If you haven’t, you need to. It’s a new, unscripted show based on Nicole Richie’s hilarious tweets, and her sarcastic, witty banter and fabulous attitude make it an entertaining show for anyone with a sense of humor.

And who are those mean, judgmental moms on Episode 103: “How to Be Friends With Hens”???  Well…ahem, that would be me, Kiyra Lynn and Deanna Dylan Scott.  We had the best time shooting the episode, and when it finally aired, it cracked me up!

Nicole Richie, you’re welcome to join our book clubs or fundraisers any day. 😉

If you missed it, you can see the entire episode here: VH1’s “How To Be Friends With Hens” – Season 1, Episode 103