Voicing the role of Stripper-Dominatrix on FX’s “Chozen”

To say that I had a blast voicing the character of a stripper/dominatrix on FX’s animated show “Chozen” is a complete understatement. I usually am hired to play the nice girl, the mom, the friend, the wife or girlfriend, and I love playing those roles!  But there are different sides to all of us, and I was given the opportunity to step out of the box and take on a sexy, demanding, dominating persona. And it was just awesome.

For the episode “Boy’s Night”, which aired in March of this year, I was directed by the extremely talented creator, writer and producer Grant DeKernion, whom I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for years. Needless to say, I was honored to be a part of his show, but more than that, I thoroughly enjoyed bringing a character to life that was so strong and domineering.

I gave it my all, and it was a thrill seeing the animated character I voiced come to life.

While I’m unable to post the entire episode, you can find a clip of “Boy’s Night” here:


And then, to see my name in the credits alongside such incredible talent?  I am humbled…And looking forward to more character voice over work! It’s more rewarding than you can imagine. I’m one hard working and lucky girl. 🙂

chozen credits