PBS Nerd, That’s Me!

One of my first projects in the broadcasting world was on-camera hosting for WTBU, the Butler University TV station, while I was in college. It was a public broadcasting channel at the time, and from the first moment I started helping out there, trapping shows for master control suuuuper early in the morning, working audio for one of their game shows, doing research for my show, learning AVID, entering my intros and outros into the teleprompter ‘software’ and then jumping in front of the camera to host…overall, I learned what an honor it was to be a part of the whole process, truly…and felt so at home doing so.

To this day, I feel the same way, and if there’s an opportunity to help out a public television or radio station, I jump at the chance.

Currently, you can hear me voicing promos for WGBH (Boston’s PBS) and on-camera and radio hosting pledge drives for KPBS, out of San Diego.

With Dave Mason, co-host extraordinaire at KPBS!

Here are a couple of my WGBH promos (WGBH Kids & Antiques Roadshow):

You can see a bit of my KPBS on-camera hosting on my reel & some more PBS promos and narration are on the way…can’t share just yet!!!

Supporting public broadcasting in any way you can is incredibly important. From the educational programs to overall public service, it’s here for YOU.

Give back if you can to YOUR local PBS station, and in the meantime, I look forward to continuing to work on behalf of and help out public broadcasting in the years to come. PBS Nerd right here…and proud of it!

Workin’ the mic for a KPBS Pledge Drive

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