As co-leader of LoopTown, along with the incomparable Kelly Jean Badgley, I could not be more proud of what we bring to the world of ADR & looping!LoopTown

Films, tv shows, commercials, animations and video games all are enhanced with the help of ADR (automatic dialog replacement) and looping (also known as walla). It happens in the post-production phase, and it comes into play when the original dialogue of the main actors needs to be fixed or replaced, to give voices to “extras” after-the-fact, to add background vocal sound (such as a crowd or diners in a restaurant or the people in the background of a hospital scene), and to provide efforts (huffs n puffs from fight scenes, breathing).


The actors who loop are taught the proper technique that ADR/looping requires, and we could not be more proud of LoopTown’s talent pool of actors, voice over artists and improvisers. Many have been looping for years. Some are newer to the game. All are incredible. And we have union and non-union talent, ready to fit the bill!

As leaders, we work with the powers-that-be (sound supervisors, producers, directors, animators and more) to cast the looping sessions as needed, work with the cues (spotting) and make the process as seamless, easy and professional as possible. And we LOVE what we do.

LoopTown is ALL ABOUT COLLABORATION. Contact me or Kelly Jean directly, and let us help you bring your project to life!



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