Winter Olympics Ice Dancers a ‘la TANGO’S EDGE

Did someone say WINTER OLYMPICS? Yes, please!

What better way to celebrate the Winter Olympics than to sit back, relax and let me read you a romance novel about Russian and American Olympic ice dancers?!?

TANGO’S EDGE, available for purchase on & (FREE with a 30-day Trial Membership)!!!

“Will you help me to defect?” It’s the desperate question from Russian ice dancer, Mikhail Kozlof, to his American counterpart, Kerry Niles. This single question ignites a treacherous cross-country trip, political intrigue – and an attraction that neither can deny. After a night of passion in a picture postcard winter resort, lust turns to love – and a return to reality. The American government is closing in and soon, Mikhail will be whisked away from Kerry. Once sequestered in a safe house outside Washington DC, Mikhail is faced with an impossible situation – he must deny his love for Kerry to protect her from harm.

Here’s a little sample:

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