Teaser Alert! Tango’s Edge Audiobook Available in One Month!


Just ONE month (might be before then) until the audiobook TANGO’S EGDE will be available to purchase on Amazon.com, Audible.com and iTunes!

I had SUCH fun bringing this story to life. If you enjoy romance novels or just want to hear me read to you (and I know you do), this is a must read and/or listen-to!

As soon as the audiobook is available, I’ll let you know!




Other Reviews:

The Winter Olympics – Salt Lake City, Utah

“Will you help me to defect?”
It’s the desperate question from Russian ice dancer, Mikhail Kozlof to his American counterpart, Kerry Niles, which ignites a treacherous cross-country trip, political intrigue―and an attraction that neither can deny.

After a night of passion in a picture postcard winter resort, lust turns to love―and a return to reality. The American government is closing in, and soon, Mikhail will be whisked away from Kerry.

Once sequestered in a safe house outside Washington DC, Mikhail is face with an impossible situation―he must deny his love for Kerry to protect her from harm’s way.

Carole Bellacera’s latest novel, Tango’s Edge, was such a wonderful palate cleanser. This book was hard to put down because it was a blossoming love story that was pack full of suspense. The plot was never stagnant because the intrigue kept you glued because you really wanted to know who, why, how and what would happen next. The characters were very vivid and their personalities were very tangible. Kerry seemed to put the wishes of others before herself and she thought now was the time for her do what she wanted when she wanted. Mikhail had information that he thought would keep others safe. He felt that it was his duty to make past atrocities known at any cost. And that cost might be his loosing the woman that he had come to love. This book definitely gave me the “warm fuzzies” and at times gave me the “cold pricklies”; a perfect suspenseful romance.



Tango’s Edge is a non-stop action, suspense filled book with surprises, intrigue, and romance included. It will be a shame for you to miss reading it. Exceptionally well-written, this story has characters that you will either love or hate. I enjoyed the way this story played out very much. I could hardly wait to see what was next and stayed up all night in order to finish this book in one sitting. An excellent read to add to your bookshelf.
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books


TANGO’S EDGE is a thrilling tale from the very talented pen of Carole Bellacera, an author who is highly underrated. With scads of sexual tension and smokin’ chemistry between Kerry and Mikhail, it’s not long before the two start their own tango of the heart. Mikhail is a man any woman would want. Ms. Bellacera shows a flair for not only characterization, but incorporating Mikhail’s heavy Russian accent into dialogue. It’s not hard to actually hear the words spoken in your head as you read TANGO’S EDGE. Character development doesn’t end with the two main characters, however. Sean and Elena are a nasty duo only out to please themselves. Mikhail didn’t have much choice in partnering Elena, and she won’t stop until she gets what she wants — the gold, and hopefully the puppy adoration of Mikhail. She’s the kind of woman who loves to have men at her feet, even if she kicks them to the curb when she’s done with them. It’s not what she can do for them, but what will they do for her?

Light on the suspense angle, TANGO’S EDGE still hits many notes on the palate for a romantic tale of two lonely people who deserve to find love. Even if you’re not a closet skating fan like me, you’ll definitely enjoy Carole Bellacera’s newest book from Cerridwen Press. There are not many authors who can make a double axel or a triple toe loop look sexy, but Ms. Bellacera does. Not since Kurt Browning have I had a crush on a male skater, but Mikhail can help me trace my edges any day. Enjoy!

Amy Cunningham
Romance Reviews Today


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